A personalised approach to heart health

Specialised & General Cardiology Services in Port Macquarie

Seeking cardiac care for the first time can be overwhelming.

At Coast Cardiology, our experienced team is committed to providing a compassionate, comprehensive, and personalised approach to care that gives you the expert guidance you need and the reassurance you deserve.

Let us help take control of your heart health today.

Our Specialised Services

Providing comprehensive cardiac care and peace of mind.


Involving initial testing and a detailed assessment with one of our cardiologists, this is your first step in taking care of your heart health

Stress Test

Treadmill stress tests with echocardiography can detect blockages of the coronary arteries and allow for early detection of coronary diseases

12 Lead

An ECG is a short non-invasive test that produces an "electrical picture" of your heart to evaluate its rhythm and check if it's functioning properly


An "echo", is a non-invasive test using sound waves to create pictures of your heart's valves and chambers, assessing their size and funciton

Cardiac Catheterisation

This diagnostic procedure can identify heart blockages, with balloons and stents able to be inserted via a catheter to improve blood flow

Implant Devices

In clinic monitoring and testing of pacemakers and other devices ensures these implants continue to work for you as they were intended


A TOE is a specialised cardiac ultrasound procedure which involves insertion of a cardiac ultrasound probe into the oesophagus (food pipe) and sometimes the stomach to better assess the heart


Longer term monitoring of your heart rhythm to uncover irregularities or abnormalities in the electrical system of your heart

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How to get started with Coast Cardiology

Get a

A valid referral from your GP or other Specialist will allow you to schedule an appointment with us.

Book an

Contact us to schedule your appointment & receive your patient intake form.

first visit

We’ll do some baseline testing in the clinic and have you meet with one of our cardiologists.

The treatment

We’ll discuss next steps together and determine a plan to take control of your heart health.

What to expect






Cardiac Care


Dr. David Barrett

BSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons) USYD, FRACP

Dr. David Barrett is a Consultant Cardiologist and Interventional Cardiologist Physician at CoastCardiology, and has an appointment at the Prince of Wales / Eastern Heart Clinic in Sydney where he performs the more complicated procedures of angiogram and stent insertions.

“My goal is to provide a personalised, high quality, evidence-based approach to your cardiac care in a way that is friendly and easy to understand.”

Dr. Kristian Prados

Dr. Kristian Prados is an Interventional Cardiologist at Coast Cardiology and has been the Director of the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory at Port Macquarie Base Hospital from 2015 to 2023. In addition to providing a general and specialised Cardiology consultative service at Coast Cardiology, Dr. Prados holds admitting rights to Port Macquarie Base Hospital and is part of the general Cardiology on-call roster (including cover for Kempsey District Hospital).

“Every person is different. There is no such thing as one size fits all. I aim to make sure I find the right approach for you.”

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Jaki Bowden

Jaki has always been a people person and has been working in medical administration and reception since 2010. Working at the Private Hospital and specialist practices over the years she has gained invaluable knowledge and disseminates her knowledge to give a better understanding of processes to the unknown.

Jaki finds delight talking with our diverse range of patients about their life experiences. She is an active person, who you may see around town walking her dog and enjoys sighting the wildlife of Port Macquarie.

Jill McKittrick

Jill has been working in medical administration and reception for over twelve years which has enabled her to gain a vast and diverse skill set. Over this time, Jill has gained her knowledge across both general and specialist practices and she is keen to share this experience with her colleagues and patients at Coast Cardiology.

Jill is excited to provide all patients with an efficient and friendly experience in their dealings with Coast Cardiology. Jill and her family have lived in Ellenborough, west of Port Macquarie, for over twenty years and she looks forward to greeting you all when you visit the practice.

Marella Edwards

A Lifelong Passion for Helping others.

Marella’s journey began during high school, where she volunteered working at a local nursing home. From this experience, Marella then felt drawn to the healthcare field.

Growing up in Port Macquarie, she was surrounded by natural beauty and a strong sense of community. Her caring nature and desire to help others led her to pursue a career in healthcare.

Marella has medical knowledge and training in Electrocardiogram (ECG's) Holter Monitors and much more, which she uses to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Playing an integral role in patient care, the information she provides helps doctors determine appropriate treatments and courses of action.

Marella feels fortunate to do work that is both personally fulfilling and contributes value to the community. Marella’s path in healthcare has truly been a ‘hearts calling’.

Jaala Buckmaster


Jaala is an experienced and dedicated professional with over 14 years of experience in the specialist medical field as a medical secretary and receptionist, with 13 of those years focused specifically on cardiology. Her passion for this field began when she started working as an administrator in cardiology right after completing high school, and she has continued to develop her expertise and knowledge ever since.

As a senior medical administrator, Jaala has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cardiology field. She has received training in Electrocardiogram (ECG's) and Holter Monitors and is always ready to assist patients within her practice. Her attention to detail and patient-focused approach have earned her a reputation for providing high-quality care and service.

Jaala has lived in the Camden Haven for the past 16 years, establishing a long-term home for her young family. She takes pride in supporting the local community in various endeavors, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact wherever she goes.

As an Office Manager, Jaala's experience, knowledge, and dedication is invaluable. She is detail-oriented, patient-focused, and has a deep understanding of the medical field. She is eager to bring her skills and expertise to any new challenge and is committed to making a meaningful contribution to her new team.

Michelle Hoy


Michelle began her career in cardiology in 1996 and was lucky enough to move to Port Macquarie 20 years ago.

Michelle completed her bachelor degree at Wollongong University. She continued her cardiology training at Westmead Hospital, where Michelle was involved in working with pacemakers in the cardiac labs in addition to being involved in cardiac research. At Coast Cardiology, she performs echoes, stress testing and has a special interest in electrophysiology.

Michelle is an enthusiastic member of the team and enjoys supporting the community of the Mid North Coast.

Karen Hillcoat

Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (Cardiac), AMS

Obtaining her Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (Cardiac) in 1994, Karen has been instrumental in establishing imaging cardiac investigation services in the region. Karen has been a cardiac sonographer for almost 40 years and has been an examiner for the Queensland Ultrasound of Technology course. For more than 20 years , Karen has been performing echoes, stress echoes and other cardiac investigations in the Mid North Coast area.

Committed to supporting the local community, Karen has also been involved with an indigenous cardiac clinic in Kempsey since 2017.

In addition, Karen regularly attends cardiac conferences, learning the latest developments in diagnostic cardiac ultrasound, and has organised and presented at regional professional meetings.

Karen is passionate about teaching echocardiography and has been actively involved in the training of echo technicians and medical students, as well as doctors at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital and other hospitals.

Melinda Prados


Melinda oversees the business operations at Coast Cardiology. With two postgraduate degrees and over 15 years of corporate, business and retail financial management experience, Mel ensures we continue to function efficiently and safely - delivering the best possible care for our patients keeping costs as low as possible without compromising quality of care.

Mel moved to Port Macquarie 11 years ago and enjoys spending time in the community with her young family. She is actively involved in long distance triathlon events and promoting healthy living to improve long term health outcomes.